The 28th board of the BBB Career Event Foundation

The BBB Career Event Foundation is completely run by students. Each year, a board of approximately six volunteering students is formed to organise events that help students to prepare for their future. Being a board member is a very interesting extracurricular experience. All board members are students at the Faculty of Science of the Radboud University.

The 28th board of the BBB Career Event Foundation has settled for the academic year 2018/2019 and consists of:

From left to right:
Lucas van Haastrecht (Account Manager), Rose Wijgman (Vice President), Milan van Stiphout (President & IT), Eline Peeters (Treasurer), Reinier Sanders (Secretary), Sharon Eckringa (Logistics Manager).

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The president is ultimately responsible for the well-being and the vision of the foundation. He also function as a spokesperson and assists the other board members wherever possible.

Vice President
The vice-chairman is the right-hand man of the chairman. In this foundation, the vice-chairman is responsible for creating new ideas and events and functions as stand-in chairman whenever needed.

The secretary is in charge of internal communications, and relations with study associations and students.

The treasurer is in control of all finances of the foundation.  As treasurer, you are in charge of drafting and maintaining the budget.

Account Manager
The account manager is responsible for all connections with companies and organisations. You ask them for the information you need, and provide them with the information they need.

Logistics Manager
The logistics manager is in charge of all practical tasks concerning the events. You are always in contact with university services and you make sure all volunteers and board members know what to do.

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