The Foundation

The BBB Foundation was founded in 1991 at the Radboud University. The main goal of the foundation is to bring students in contact with interesting companies. Nowadays, we still strive to fulfil this mission to the best of our capabilities. However, the foundation grew over the years, as did our goals. We want to help students prepare for their future career in all aspects. Successfully organizing the annual BBB Career Event will remain our main task. Each year, a fresh board of ambitious and talented students takes up the honourable task of running the foundation. Being a board member brings valuable experience in working professional and constructive with business partners.

The BBB Career Event Foundation is completely run by science students from the Faculty of Science of the Radboud University in Nijmegen. As students, the board members exactly know how other students think and what kind of companies they are interested in. Therefore the BBB Foundation knows what the best way is for companies to get in touch with the students. Each edition of the BBB Career Event, the board strives to provide companies and students with the best possible platform to get in contact. 

The 28th board of the BBB Career Event

The 28th board of the BBB Career Event Foundation for the academic year 2018/2019 and consists of:

From left to right:
Lucas van Haastrecht (Account Manager), Rose Wijgman (Vice President), Milan van Stiphout (President & IT), Eline Peeters (Treasurer), Reinier Sanders (Secretary), Sharon Eckringa (Logistics Manager).

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