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Info Support is a leading software company that makes high-end custom technology solutions for companies in the fintech, health, energy, public transport and agritech sectors. We work with a talented team of 500 engineers embracing an agile mindset and software craftmanship. 

We are proud to have awarded distinguished engineers in the field of AI, software architecture, open source, Java, .NET, cloud and agile, speaking at tech conferences around the world. Furthermore we are supporting the developer community by contributing at several open source initiatives, for example 'Stryker'. 

Info Support is headquartered in Veenendaal with additional research locations in Den Bosch and Belgium. As employer we take the responsibility to facilitate you in your journey of becoming a highly qualified Software Craftsmen.

Interesting for: Artificial Intelligence, Computing Science
Offers: Bachelor Internship, Inhouse Day, Master Internship, Starters Function, Traineeship