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6546 BB Nijmegen


MercachemSyncom is the leading mid-sized European drug-discovery contract research organization for solving your chemistry challenges. From the design and synthesis of small to medium-sized molecule hits, to the delivery of first GMP batches of identified clinical candidates. For over 25 years we blend vast scientific knowledge and inventiveness to make great leaps on your behalf. We go further to unlock new potential. 


MercachemSyncom gives a unique working environment for students to do their traineeship. Our passion to solve complex chemistry is also visible in the trainee assignments. Working as part of an experienced team gives you a flying start in learning the ins and outs of organic chemistry. MercachemSyncom is always looking for novel chemistry and its application in our industry. The compounds we prepare in our company and in the trainee assignments are mostly novel and have never been published before. The chemical experiments we carry out apply only to that particular project and no two projects are the same. So boring or repetitive chemistry is not part of our job.

Interesting for: Chemistry, Molecular Life Sciences, Medical sciences
Offers: Bachelor Internship, Master Internship, Starters Function