Want to become a volunteer?

Thank you for your interest in helping us!

Volunteers are a group of enthusiastic students of the Radboud University that are an indispensable support to us, the board of the BBB Career Event Foundation, during preparations and during the event. As a volunteer you will help preparing the BBB Career Event (i.e. creating the set-up for the company stands, spreading promotional material, etc.) and, of course, you will be of assistance during the event itself. By helping as a volunteer, you will be able to get to know the BBB Career Event from a whole different perspective.

On one hand, it is a very interesting way to get to see what goes on behind the screens during the organisation of a large scale event like the BBB Career Event. On the other hand, it is also a very nice opportunity to check out how things work if you are interested in organizing the BBB Career Event yourself. It is also a great moment to get to know new people and have a lot of fun. We will give you a nice polo shirt and afterwards, there will be a nice barbecue in order to thank all volunteers for their amazing support!

So, are you interested in helping us as a volunteer? Please contact us by e-mail or phone (bbb@science.ru.nl or 024-36 52391). Are you in the area? Feel free to visit us at our room in the Huygens building on the campus (room HG00.154a)!

See you at the BBB Career Event!


Participating companies