The 28th board of the BBB Career Event Foundation

The BBB Career Event Foundation is completely run by students. Each year, a board of approximately six volunteering students is formed to organise events that help students to prepare for their future. Being a board member is a very interesting extracurricular experience. All board members are students at the Faculty of Science of the Radboud University.

The 28th board of the BBB Career Event Foundation has settled for the academic year 2018/2019 and consists of:

From left to right:
Lucas van Haastrecht (Account Manager), Rosanne Wijgman (Vice President), Milan van Stiphout (President & IT), Eline Peeters (Treasurer), Reinier Sanders (Secretary & PR), Sharon Eckringa (Logistics Manager). Photo by

The president is ultimately responsible for the well-being and vision of the foundation. He makes sure the board stays on schedule with their work so that every domain the BBB works in is improved. The task of president is a versatile one, because you have to know for every board member what they are working on, whether they are on track and if not, how to fix that. It is an interesting combination of policy formation, people management and problem-solving.
The president also functions as a spokesperson for the foundation and keeps contact with many organs both inside the university and beyond.

An effective president has vision, a good overview of most situations and people skills. They also know how to work hard and how to make decisions.

Vice President
The vice president of the BBB Career Event Foundation assists the president when needed but also fulfills various other tasks. As the board member with only small fixed duties I am flexible to call companies, design the career book and think about innovations to make our events even better. Furthermore it’s my task to implement the first version of the Workshop Week this year.

Vice president is a position with loads of freedom and variation, the only limit is your own ambition.

The secretary is concerned with everything that needs to be communicated. These include keeping our inbox in check by labelling all incoming emails, writing the weekly minutes during our meetings or communicating with other boards. It’s a very social function, where you are always talking to somebody or bringing people together. 

A secretary has to be very comfortable being around people and know their way with words. A good secretary makes sure all matters are communicated clearly, correctly and documented properly.

The treasurer is the one responsible for all incomes and expenses. A good treasurer is very precise and well ordered.

Account Manager
The account manager is responsible for the acquisition of the BBB career event. The main task is to communicate and contact with different companies. For companies he is the first port of call. Furthermore he has to find a fine balance between maintaining existing relationships and the lookup for new interesting companies. The latter is both a challenging and sometimes frustrating task. Fortunately my board members support me in the process of contacting companies.

An account manager should be bold and must have a feeling for sales.

Logistics Manager
The logistics manager's task is to make the BBB-Career Event logistically possible. It's their job to make all the wishes of our board come true. They design the ground plan, come up with a script for all helping people and ensure that all the proper reservations are made and licenses obtained. Next to that, this manager oversees all catering business and manages the volunteers.

Logistics manager is a function where creativity, a solution-driven attitude and structure must converge.

IT Manager
The IT manager shapes the digital infrastructure of the foundation. The foundation runs on a system designed for its specific needs. This system needs maintenance, improving and testing. Together with our external developer(s), the IT manager figures out what the system is missing and which things should be improved, and then has these things implemented. The IT manager also takes care of the hardware the foundation has in the office.

To be an IT manager, one must be able to understand complex systems from a developer’s viewpoint and be able to put the wishes of the team into technical terms.

PR Manager
The PR manager is the one who handles the public image of our events and foundation. This includes making posts on social media and producing marketing material. As PR manager, you are concerned with reaching the biggest audience possible using the tools at hand. It’s quite a challenge to come up with effective marketing strategies, but an enormous motivator if they achieve their purposes.

A good PR manager has a knack for drawing attention and a clear understanding of maintaining audience engagement. You have a ‘good isn’t good enough’ mentality and know how to present something professionally.

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