We want to give you the chance to optimally prepare yourself for your first job. From 10:00 - 16:00, at the end of the Northern Corridor you can do so by getting your CV checked by Ordina, making a professional LinkedIn Picture, or talking to Career Service Science for career advice.

CV checkpoint by Ordina

Professionals from Ordina are willing to check and discuss your CV. This will strongly improve your CV and give you a benefit on the job market!

The booth can be found at the end of the Northern Corridor, close to the booth of Ordina.

Professional LinkedIn Picture

Your CV and LinkedIn are not complete without a professional LinkedIn picture! At the BBB Career Event, a photographer can make a professional picture.

Career Advice by Career Service Science

Career Service Science can help you to get in touch with employers. But we are aware that decision making can be very tough: there simply are so many interesting companies! Career Service Science is here to help you find out which companies suit you, so you can get immediately in touch with them at the Career Event itself.


Participating companies