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Imec the Netherlands

Imec is the world-leading research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies. We bring together 5,000 brilliant minds from 90 nationalities.

Create a healthier future
In 2050 we are expected to live with 10 billion people on this planet. For all of us to eat healthy and live sustainably we need ground breaking (technology) solutions. At OnePlanet Research Center, one of imec’s innovation hubs, a team of researchers and engineers transform ideas into applicable nano and digital technologies within the fields of preventative healthcare, and sustainable agriculture & food.

About imec the Netherlands
As innovators we are driven to make solutions with the highest impact possible. In close collaboration with world leading partners, we create technologies to improve lives for generations to come. Imec the Netherlands is a non-for-profit R&D organization and trusted partner in OnePlanet Research Center (Wageningen/Nijmegen) and Holst Centre (Eindhoven). We research and develop new nanotechnological and digital solutions in the domains of health, environment, cities and buildings, food and agriculture.

Interesting for: Artificial Intelligence, Biology, Chemistry, Computing Science, Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy, Medical sciences