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Mercator Launch is here to help students and researchers transform their business ideas into value-adding products and services. We offer you the opportunity to explore a career as an entrepreneur. During our incubation program which we run three times a year, you will learn the fundamentals in setting up your startup. We also organize events, workshops and masterclasses to inspire and inform you about entrepreneurship. Furthermore, we can help you to establish collaboration projects with the university and offer workspace and meeting rooms to further improve your business or your entrepreneurial skills.

Mercator Launch is accessible (for free!) to all students, researchers and staff of Radboud University and Radboudumc. You can find us at the Startup Business Centre right behind the Huygens Building at the Heyendaal campus. So if you have an innovative idea or always have wanted to start your own business;  Mercator Launch is the place on campus to be! Our business coaches are open for coffee and available to brainstorm about your idea(s).

Interesting for: Artificial Intelligence, Biology, Chemistry, Computing Science, Mathematics, Molecular Life Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, Medical sciences, Management
Offers: Others